sound installation
(IMO, Copenhagen, Denmark)

«Somewhere deep in the half-lit rainforest, two men are engaged in a peculiar dance.»

The work was featured in Phonebox, a series of 12 exhibitions.
Phonebox is located in a former phone cabin, which will serve as an intimate exhibition space with room for only one person at a time.
Behrens’ new work Apparatus is heard from two distinct sources at once. While the public is invited to listen to the sound over the headphones, a different layer of sound is at the same time transmitted over speakers installed in the small room. This technique creates a sonic and spatial dynamic where different layers blend and overlap. The work explores parallel perception, multiple viewpoints, displacement and asymmetric sound spatialization.
[Rune Søchting, IMO]

Materials: a pair of open headphones, a pair of active speakers, a DVD-Player, a digital picture frame with USB memory stick
Dimensions: site specific

Acknowledgements: Kristoffer Akselbo, Ana Carvalho, Rune Søchting, Toke Lykkeberg, Ea Ørüm.

A stereo version of the audio along with a printed story was released on CDR by ΑΓΧΙΒΑΤΕΙΝ, Greece.

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