Since days, the tourist couple have been immersing themselves in experiences of art and architecture, ancient and contemporary. They have slept in the bed of a Russian poet with sparse hair despite his youth, and who used to wear a flowing, off-white linen gown outside the house…
A short story for Fylkingen’s magazine, Stockholm, Sweden, curated by Marie Gavois.

E C B / B C E
In a particular spot in the heart of Europe, seen from a particular perspective, a small-sized black stone sphinx, looking southeast, partially blocks out the view onto the European Central Bank’s new skyscraper. She does not guard it, as one might want to say, she is merely affirmative of her own being there…
A short story written as author in residence in Wrong Wrong n.7, a Portuguese online art magazine. In English and Portuguese.

One About Eggs / Um Sobre Ovos
Most female mammals and other animals of different classes incubate sperm fertilized eggs – a combination of proteins that generates life. Other proteins can destroy life, degenerate metabolic and communicative processes in cells and neurons…
An essay written as author in residence in Wrong Wrong n.7, a Portuguese online art magazine. In English and Portuguese.

One About Eggs
Um Sobre Ovos
One About Sugar / Um Sobre Açúcar
For centuries, the suger loaf used to be the usual form in which refined sugar was distributed and sold. Sources have it that the first written accounts of sugar loaves in Arab date from the Middle Ages. Throughout the 20th century, the sugar loaf has almost vanished from most European countries…
An essay written as author in residence in Wrong Wrong n.7, a Portuguese online art magazine. In English and Portuguese.

One About Sugar
Um Sobre Açúcar
Time In
She turned towards a future perception of it, to when meaning as intended by its maker would no longer be understood, or would perhaps be speculatively twisted, to when the context of the moment of its conception, of its production, would long ago have changed,…
A short story featured in the edition «A Notebook from Colönia».

Colönia blog
The Cargo Scroll / O Rolo de Carga
With airborne mass transportation, human beings are propelled into a space where, at other times, gods may have been imagined to reside. Commercial air travel has, after its golden age – when the term «jet set» was coined…
An essay with text, image and sound. Published in Wrong Wrong n.6, a Portuguese online art magazine. In English and Portuguese.

The Cargo Scroll
O Rolo de Carga

Preamble: A typical assortment of clothes varies, it undergoes seasonal changes and eventual replacements according to what is called “fashion”, a paradigm that dictates change according to artificial waves of approximately annual innovation and quarterly recombination.
An article about two artists with unusual relationships to their means of production, about reenactment and old new media (phono and photo) and about totalitarism in «digital culture». Written for the book «Mono #2, Cochlear Poetics: Writings on Music and Sound Arts» by i2ads/FBAUP, Porto, Portugal, ISBN 978-989-98745-0-3, ISSN 1646-7388.
ATT IMM MUT TUM MMI TTA MUT ATT NARC IMM, a Compositional and Performative Process
What reads like a genetic sequence is a condensation of title fragments of various compositions or batches of sound recordings I used for live music performance between 2006 and 2011. The analogy to genetic sequences is intended and makes sense when looking at the processual development of the music for these live performances.
An article on a cycle of compositions for live performance, Immersion, ATT IMM MUT, Le Combinazioni, MUT ATT NARC IMM.

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Bushdesertrainforest and Crowd, two Compositions for Radio
Bushdesertrainforest is a composition about “sonic niches” (Bernie Krause), analyzed in natural habitats in three different biomes with very different characteristics regarding the density of animal vocalizations…
A presentation of two works of musique concrète that were composed for the German WDR radio (WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst, editor: Markus Heuger): Bushdesertrainforest (2009) and Crowd (2012). A much shorter version of this text is included in: Sabine Breitsameter/Claudia Söller-Eckert (Eds.) «The Global Composition, Conference on Sound, Media, and the Environment 2012, Proceedings», ISBN 978-3-00-038817-0.

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Irregular Characters
While thinking the sentence “I got up, shaking the ants from my jacket, they were loudly crashing on the ground,” the writer noticed a man squatting under the arcades that lined the big roundabout.
A collection of micro stories complementary to the musical composition of the same name.

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since 2011
Clould, a work in progress
An airborne descent into a city which is neither origin nor destination of this flight, not even situated on the traveller’s continent of origin. Six hours in an intermediate state, in hot tropical air. The chance of willfully disappearing in this foreign metropolis is there, by simply not returning to the airport, throwing passport and other documents away…
A multi-layered text complementary to the composition Clould. It contains a series of charts identifying supernatural beings imagined in various cultures and epochs juxtaposed with charts listing trivial passenger flights taken by the artist, a collection of micro stories connected to flying and flights, and a personal history of the work’s preconditions.

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Text to be Named: A Conversation as Storytelling, Through Questions and Answers, by Ana Carvalho, Marc Behrens and Heitor Alvelos
The work methodology behind «Each Minute Draws Possibilities of Parallel Futures» / Transfamily—Collaboration—Networking / Literature / Fiction / Implant, Explant / Science Fiction / Narrative / Reports of Possible Involuntary Narratives / Future Projects
Published in «Calling All Futures», the book accompanying Futureplaces 2010.
Each Minute Draws Possibilities of Parallel Futures, written in collaboration with Ana Carvalho
At last, with the end of motors, bidirectional wheels and roads, the Greeks have been surpassed. At the core of belief is now the individual — a self-aware, active agent within the social landscape…
Published in: «Sonic Ideas/Ideas Sónicas, Volume 3, Number 1, Autumn 2010», Magazine (Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts, CMMAS)

Acknowledgements: Narciso Melo, Miguel Carvalhais, Rajmil Fischman, Allon Kaye.
A Narrow Angle texts
Yes, I have a map. And I have it with me when I arrive at the intersection…

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Five micro stories from Taiwan, an island with three names, and after, comes as a poster with the CD A Narrow Angle.

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Artists Across Borders
Künstler waren schon früh eine reisende Elite. Man denke an die mittelalterlichen Ikonenmaler, die von Stadt zu Stadt zogen, auf der Suche nach Aufträgen. Auch Albrecht Dürer hatte eine “Residency” (wie man heute sagen würde) in Italien wahrgenommen.

Lecture held February 3, 2006 at the class «Transnationale Professionskulturen» conducted by Dr. Petra Ilyes, Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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Notes on Psychotopography: Integrated Listening and Sound Landscapes
The idea of connecting topographic landscape and the topography of the human mind, and with it the internal representation of the former, goes back through the history of humans, to pre-literate times.
Published in FO A RM magazine, no. 4 (topography).

FO A RM magazine

Acknowledgements: Seth Nehil.

Animistic texts
When I was younger I rather frequently experienced a phenomenon that connected my body and my perception of sound/silence…

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Text excerpts from Animistic [for Donatella] booklet.

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Elapsed Time
Elapsed Time
is inspired by the book THE SECRET WAR, by Brian Johnson (British Broadcasting Corporation, 1978). The sounds and sequences used in the piece were recorded exactly fifty years after …

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Text from the booklet of music album Elapsed Time.

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Keyholes texts
I owned an electronic organ that I abandoned at the age of twelve after recurring skin allergies which completely absorbed my will to attend organ lessons in the summer. The next time I switched it on I was fourteen …

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From text panels inside the installation Keyholes and from the invitation card to its exhibition. A sound recordings made from this installation was released on the album Four Installations.

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ROGUE Nummer 33 «Natur & Moral»
Issue 33 of a German art and culture magazine, text and layout by Marc Behrens.
ROGUE Nummer 30 «Der Klang der Dinge»
Issue 30 of a German art and culture magazine, layout and most texts by Marc Behrens and Christian Schröder.
The Housewife texts
with Walter Hartmann
The Housewife
On the kitchen table a pink radio is blaring. Bang goes the pan. But the HOUSEWIFE does not turn her head nor the knob. Instead, the potentiometer of the radio has turned into a parameter …

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From booklet of The Housewife cassette tape release (including plates and corrected version of layout).

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