These pictures are taken from a photographic project started in 2001, focusing on the way different nations deal with bulletholes in buildings, depending on which war they originate from.

[1] Montepulciano, Italy, 2003: holes from some small-scale 16th century regional war. I was informed by a local, but forgot who exactly was fighting whom.

[2–3] Budapest, Hungary, 2001: holes on the Matthias Church in Budavár, maybe from WWII or from the Hungarian upheaval in 1956. While I took these pictures, work was already in course to repair the walls.

[4] Jerusalem, Israel, 2005: holes on Zion Gate from the Six-Day War between Israel and Jordania, intentionally left in a state of disrepair, according to the wishes of the Israeli authorities.

[5–7] Berlin, Germany, 2004: holes on gates around Victory Column from the defeat in 1945. In West-Germany WWII-holes were covered and hidden very well—ironically, at such a landmark they are still only partly patched, which must have been intentional.

The images were featured in the PDF-magazine «Sonic Scope Quarterly #05» by Grain of Sound, Portugal, 2005.







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