installation with sound
(rraum, Frankfurt, Germany)

A private apartment becomes the container for the exhibition, a red LED is embedded into the front door, like the status light of an alarm system. The apartment is infiltrated by physical and sound objects. Music made from texts about infiltration, converted into digital sound, rings from the book shelf, the audio player hidden in an excavated book. Prints of musical structures are inserted into image frames, small metal receptacles contain spiritual telephone cards and text leaflets. The desktop computer is paired with its counterpart object below the table top: the heat-emitting Black Box. Two tanks are installed in the kitchen in which prints fade and dissolve in coloured water. The intensity of the colour changing is defined by how much colouring agent the visitor drops into the water with the pipettes provided.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the CD Compendium was released in a private edition of 36 signed copies.
The sound piece for this installation has been released on the album Four Installations (Trente Oiseaux, D, digital version via Availabel).

BUY digital and remastered edition on Bandcamp

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