A Magnet Between Proteins and Sugar
solo gallery exhibition
(Sismógrafo, Porto, Portugal)

> a short text about the exhibition (PT/EN)

The exhibition mainly features a selection of Behrens’ visual works from the late 1980s and early 1990s, and brand new work that originates from rituals related to the radio drama Progress (2013), in which the history of the artist’s family since 1869 is connected with technical and political history.

Acknowledgements: the Sismógrafo crew, Andrea Schuldt, Bernd Ritscher, Carina Martins, Carlos Zingaro, Chris Keller, Christian Schröder, Christina Kubisch, Cornelia Franke, Denise Ritter, Egon Kurth, Dr. Francisco López, Goethe-Institut Portugal, Gregor von Sivers, Hannes Jacoby, Ho. Turner, Jeanette Hélène, Jörg Niehage, Kerstin Sewe, Lawrence English, Lukas Ernst, Marc Hassenzahl, Marco Hofmann, Marcus Gammel, Markus Heuger, Miguel Carvalhais, Miroslaw Rajkowski, Nikolaus Heyduck, Norberto Jorge, Nuno Merino, Paulo Vinhas, Pedro Tudela, Rita Braga, Robert Sprang, Stefan Zintel, Stephen Fenton, Sven Bastian, Torsten Grosch, Ulrich Reuhl, Vanessa de Michelis, Volkmar Hoppe, Walter Hartmann.

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