solo gallery exhibition
(Eschborn K/Galerie K, Eschborn, Germany)

Partly connected to the performance piece Clould, a number of photographs and texts are combined under the title noissiM in an open, not finalized exhibition: evidences of a non-linear journey, which is not thoroughly explicable. Aerial images taken while crossing the Andes, photographs of trails into uncertain vegetation, of places and creatures which can awaken hidden sensations and historically encoded memories.

Acknowledgements: Cecilia Aguayo und Uwe Schmidt, Axel Apfelbacher, Cornelia Franke, Mara Lou Hannappel, Maximiliano Giraldes, Volkmar Hoppe, Egon Kurth, Goh Lee Kwang, Carina Martins, Tos Mahoney, Nicholas Mills, Nanna Rüster, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, Y’ng-Yin, Kerstin and Udo zur Megede, Raum für Kultur der Dresdner Bank, Goethe-Institut Córdoba, Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Goethe-Institut Australien.

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