L’eco di un’esplosione che non ha mai avuto luogo [The Echo of an Explosion that never Took Place]
sound and film installation
(Stazione di Topolò – Postaja Topolove, Topolò, Grimacco/UD, Italy)

The installation in a village in a forest on the border between Italy and Slovenia consisted of several elements located along two water energy lines.
Speakers attached to different houses above head level emitted some electronically manipulated insect sounds. The sound melted into the surrounding chirping of live insects.
In two little interior spaces, almost cells, there was a film projection of a rotating meat grill (once in a while little splashes of grease set off explosions in the image), and the very subtle sound of a bee hive.
All of it created an atmosphere of alienation that referred to the situation of the village’s location in a former buffer zone between Western Europe and the Eastern Block.
In the information space at the village piazza there was a wall that showed a converted map of Topolò (left), and a number of models for Topolò spiritual phone cards (below left).

Thanks for scouting, support and advice: Giuliana Stefani, Ho. Turner, John Duncan, L’Emir Sandwich Frankfurt, the villagers of Topolò, and the organizers of Stazione di Topolò: Donatella Ruttar and Moreno Miorelli.

The sound piece for this installation has been released on the album Four Installations (Trente Oiseaux, D, listen to/download digital version via Availabel).

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