The Housewife
with Walter Hartmann
… in that languishing blue there flickers a lovescene …
Set lines. Fix the lines in the water. Set a stakeout. Try jigging. Use your hands. Try muddying. Use a net. Use fish traps and baskets. Shoot fish. Use explosive devices. Spear fish. Try poisoning fish. Try ice fishing. At dark, lower lines in the water. Move your fingers slightly until you contact a fish. This will supply food for days. Light attracts fish, highlights them and reflects from their eyes. Perhaps a dip net is all you will need. The light will attract the fish. Hit the fish with the machete blade. Be sure to pull up the net every few minutes and remove the fish before they can escape. The meat is done when the skin bubbles and cracks.
On the kitchen table, a pink radio is blaring. Bang goes the pan. But the HOUSEWIFE does not turn her head nor the knob. Instead, the potentiometer of the radio has turned into a parameter. If this housewife was aware of the sounds that she is producing … If she plays the piano in the evening, this action would exceed the level of consciousness. But if some day she smashes the radio and drums on the barbecue? «Here let wine and women shine and cheer us. Let pleasure guide us from winecups to kisses.» … At your feet, all the favours of spring, what art, what delicacy, what fire, what luxury, what ostentation, was everything included, the beer and all the rest?
That was all, there was no more, finished just like that, poet, here’s a subject, an escape, a feast, a little beer, a pair of brown mustachios to set a girl’s head spinning. My bed sheets are torn, no taxi to be got. Middleclass women are calling for revolution. Pop music from pirate ships. No superhuman beauty. Taking all girls under 21. The virgin bride, the food commercial. No corporal punishment. No superhuman beauty. «The vices and follies and strange disorders, their perfumed baths. They spent their youth eating and drinking. Combing their hair to perfection.»
Just what is it that makes today’s household so different, so appealing? A-Side. Kitchen. Stillife #20, wenn du dort «The Housewife» ausmachen willst, sieh auf den Mondrian-Print rechts an der roten Wand. Cubicle Klimas … Percussionsnuancen, abstrahierte Grillstäbe, Raspel, Waschtrommel, Quirl, microwave sampling, Kondensstreifen im Entsafter, the present day housewife refuses to die. B-Side. Die Picknickszenen. Halte Frauen, welche sich die Brustwarzen schminken, nicht für leichte Beute. Sie dürften sehr anmaßend sein oder sehr geldgierig. Cubicle Klimas öffnen sich zu Arien. Das blaue Radio … Bananen pflücken! Cranium Kino, full blown.
It was characteristic that she did not stand or speak. But if she was in truth shy that night, she is by no means reticent about speaking out. At one time she became truly famous for having stood on line and shaken hands with two thousand women. She feels shame but is helpless. Driven now by a need to go out and find other animal species to fuck. Cats and minks, hyenas and rabbits fuck her inside automobiles. «Any noise you make will alert animals to your presence. Limit your range of vision. Approach slowly and complete your kill.» «Then I found I must get back to abandon her. All I knew was that I left her again. And, dressing in love, she was already married.» Start: metal beat. Fade in: female voice. Ahhhaaaeee. Endless repeats onto the end … Fade out: next sketch. Press the rewind key on the recorder. When the tape stops moving, press the recorder’s stop key. Rewind the tape and try again.
Some of the material was played open air on different metal sculptures. They are scratched or worked upon in various manners. Most of the other instruments are constructed from household equipment. The only electronic instrument used is a Compact Disc player. Most of the material has been performed in different versions and by different musicians in different kitchens throughout the world and throughout the time. «Any sounds may occur in any combination and in any continuity. Because the nature of the materials involved and because their duration can be easily controlled and related, it is more likely that the unifying means will be rhythmic.» Quote: John Cage.
Parts of THE HOUSEWIFE may be played simultaneously or overdubbed with each other, as it is already the case in some parts included in this collection in which different sounds are used more than once in various pitch, time, in combination with other layers. These sounds are not generated for relaxing after a day’s work, as they can only be generated through working.

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